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Client 6

Mitch Zaralegui

Murrieta, CA

I had an incredible QHHT session with Mrs. Juana. She has an extraordinary way of making you feel comfortable and acknowledged, so that you can be transparent and vulnerable while you do the work. I didn't know what to expect, but it was a very comfortable experience. She is very knowledgeable and I was able to unpacked everything that I gained and learned in our session. I will make sure to book another QHHT session or a Reiki session. I am very grateful to have an opportunity to work with Mrs. Juana.

Client 3

Julian Candiente

Thermal, CA

Juana's QHHT sessions are phenomenal. You've got a powerful energy healer on your hands and to be receiving her energy is unlike any I've experience before. 

I went in seeking answers to some deep struggles I've had in life, like my digestive health, how to allow myself to receive love from my wife, friends, and family, and for clarity in other struggles of my life. 

Few days after the session I started to see life entirely differently after my questions had been answered during my QHHT session. My digestive health got better and I am deeper in love with my wife and my life. I feel more confident & clear in facing struggles in my life. 

If you are considering a session, let this story be your sign to GO FOR IT! 

Client 2

Candance Casida

Cathedral City, CA

I've had several sessions with Juana. Holy Fire Reiki, a QHHT session (which was amazing in it self), and guided meditations. I have always felt so relaxed and peaceful after a session. 

Juana is so grounded. Her energy feels so supportive and nurturing.I recommend friends and others to her classes and session. They are worth the time and money. Her classes and  session are chamazing. 

Client 5

Diana Martinez

Atlanta, Georgia

Juana is truly dedicated and passionate about what she does. During my session, I experienced relaxation, peace, and reassurance. Juana definitely knows what she is doing and I highly recommend this beautiful soul.

Client 1

Brandon D.

Murrieta, CA

I received a great consultation from Juana. Her vast knowledge inspired me to receive a Reiki session. After receiving my session I felt I had more acknowledgment of self as it was instrumental in helping me identify barriers that can be mentally removed or less burdensome. I would recommend this service to the local community and online communities as well!!!!

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